How To Train Your Cat

Is It Possible To Train a Cat ?

Despite what some people may think , it may surprise you that it is in fact possible to train a cat

How To Train your Cat

It may not be easy to begin with however ,to learn how to train your cat, you need to understand how he thinks and acts. There are no reasons why you can not train a cat with a little understanding and patience. And it is important that you do this. How can you raise a kitten or take care of them if you don’t train them to be handled?

Basic Principles Of Cat Training

First, you must realise that cats do not understand punishment. encouraging good deeds is much more effective. sounds complicated?  It is important to be "cat-friendly." For example, did you know that cats do not like to see or hear sudden sounds or movements? If your kitten does something you don’t want them to do, always say 'no' softly. If he does something good, it should always be praised.

This brings us to how to reward your cat. There are two types of rewards - your praise and acknowledgement and the other is delicious treats. Both are very motivating for cats.

Most cats do not like to be picked up, but the sooner you get your cat used to it, the better. Many people accidentally teach kittens bad habits. they pick up their cat, the cat puts up a fight and they then put them down immediately. Thus, the kitten will know that he will get his own way in the end. Kitten training isn't easy

Another approach is to pick your kitten or cat up and then, if he puts up a fight, continue to hold him gently but firmly. When he settles, praise him and then sit him down.

Can I teach my cat to avoid scratching? unfortunately not cats do like to scratch - this is a natural form of territorial marking, which is good to stretch  and exercise muscles.

Should I accept damaged furniture? No, you have to train your cat to control scratches.

Buy your cat a scratching post (rough surface is very attractive to your cat). Play with a kitten near the scratching post, make sure to  compliment him when he uses it

Is It Possible To Train a Cat

If the furniture does get scratched, your cat may not return to the furniture if you clean it with an anti odour product. Some people find it helpful to put something like polyethylene on furniture because cats tend not to scratch slippery surfaces.


Bites are natural behaviour of kittens. If the kitten bites your hand during a game, then immediately end the session. Don't pull your hand away quickly. This makes the game even more fun! Toys and balls are safer forms of prey

How do you train your cat ? leave your tips and advice in the comments below 



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